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Our goal at Heritage Interiors Designs, is to offer our customers a range of products that brings quality, style, and trend to the homes of all our customers. We strive to create a marketplace for our customers to make their home a unique expression of themselves.

Julie Foster

Julie Foster — Interior Designers in Baytown, TX
Growing up with my mother having a God given talent for great design and a desire to make our home beautiful, I believe she was instrumental in nurturing Gods plan for me. After taking faux finishing classes in the early 90s, it sparked a fire to refurbish thrift store and garage sale items into a love of "before its time" re-purposing. Owning Wallpaper for Less was my first real stepping stone. After 3 1/2 years, I trusted the Lord of giving me a new season in life after we closed the doors. Immediately after closing, I joined the Heritage Interior Carpet One team. A new season had begun and the Lord told me someday the store would be mine. Imagine the joy of such a promise! At times feeling like Sarah waiting for her baby, the learning foundation of 15 years was merely, but waiting on God's perfect timing!! On February 12, 2015 along with my talented friend from junior high, Dena, the Lord fulfilled His promise. So, as the journey continues, we are excited to see what He has in store for us and you! Calling Mont Belvieu home for 25 years, I have loved where my husband and I raised our son & daughter. We are proud grandparents of our granddaughter, Emma Kay.
As a child, I remember reading the book The Boxcar Kids. It was a story of three orphans who were forced to live in a boxcar. I remember thinking if I were in that situation, I would decorate the best boxcar ever by introducing color and adding cozy pieces of furniture! I would make it the best livable space for my siblings. This was my first discovery of loving design. I also have a love of fashion. In high school, I won a beauty pageant, which afforded me the opportunity to model for bridal boutiques and local department stores. Fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand by creating through taste, color, style, and accessorizing. I raised two amazing boys. When they grew up and moved out (as they do!), I realized I needed to get back to my calling...Interior Design! This prompted my enrollment in an advanced design program. I graduated from Heritage School of Interior Design in Oregon. I am well positioned in assisting clients with revamping their rooms from concept to completion. My philosophy is to never impose my taste upon a client...rather, I will assist them in fulfilling what they desire for a space.

Dena Sampsell

Dena Sampsell — Interior Designers in Baytown, TX